Engineers of LLC Insiprom will provide training of personnel in working methods and skills of a technical obsluzhivaniyainsinerator of INSI and its parts:

- Device and principle of operation of the INSI incinerator;
- Technological process of burning of waste in the INSI incinerator;
- Work with torches, establishing work of torches under a type of the burned waste;
- Work of BPUI.

On an object of the customer representatives of the vendor should carry out supervision of erection of INSI incinerators.

- A guarantee for INSI incinerators - 12 months from the moment of delivery of goods *
* provided that supervision of erection is carried out by the specialist of LLC Insiprom.

By the time of carrying out supervision of erection, a trial prozhig of waste and training of personnel, the Customer is obliged to prepare the corresponding conditions:

  • - to prepare the flat concrete platform or the room of the sufficient size for placement and service of the incinerator;
    - to provide access for the engineer of LLC Insiprom to it;
    - to provide uninterrupted supply of electricity on the platform (220 V, 380B, 16A).