Вопрос: What guarantee period on your equipment?

Ответ: The guarantee for our equipment makes 12 months. The approximate term of operation at observance of service regulations - more than 3 years.

Вопрос: Whether burning speed depends on a type of the burned waste?

Ответ: Certainly. Even when burning waste of one look – for example, biological - the speed of burning can fluctuate very considerably. For example, carcasses of animals burn with one speed, and interiors, bones, etc. – with another, considerably smaller. Speed of burning medical or municipal solid waste especially can fluctuate in different directions and directly depends on concrete morphology of waste, the number of loading, humidity and so on.

Вопрос: We need a kremator, and you offer only incinerators in what a difference?

Ответ: Kremator is the simplified version of the incinerator not supplied with the systems of cleaning of an exhaust. Incinerators are without fail equipped with such systems, both simple, and quite difficult. Existence and operability of systems of cleaning of an exhaust reduces harmful effects on the environment and minimizes visits of the appropriate supervisory authorities.

Вопрос: What is the afterburner and as it works?

Ответ: The afterburner is responsible for cleaning of the formed exhaust. Smoke gets to the camera and is burned up by a special torch that allows to reduce harmful emissions in the atmosphere sharply.

Вопрос: Why the incinerators using natural gas are more expensive than diesel?

Ответ: The matter is that gas burners in itself are more expensive. Taking into account that in big high-speed models several torches are used, the difference in the price can be essential. One more essential minus – a long time on preparation of the project on the gas-consuming equipment. But there is also indisputable plus - all above-mentioned expenses at constant use of the incinerator are compensated for the account of lower cost of natural gas.

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